Marnar Laksesenter

Marnar Laksesenter

Sesongen 2013

Åpningstider 2013:

Mandag-fredag 15:00-20:00

Lørdag-søndag: 10:00-18:00

10:00 - 20:00 hver dag.

Velkommen til oss på Laksesenteret. Her får du kjøpt kort for sone 3 og 4 i Mandalselva, samt kaffe, is og fiskeutstyr.

Jan "the Fisherman" and his friends!

LaksefiskeOpprettet av Marnar Laksesenter to., august 30, 2012 11:57:09

Here comes the catch report from when Jan, Eppe and Freerk visited Mandalselva from the 14th to the 17th of August:

Jan has sent us some pictures:

Freerk and his 5.8kg salmon. Caught 14-08 on wobbler.

Morten and Åse assisted on the landing and the killing your things....a pocket thief is making his move while happy Freerk is posing with the 5,8 kilo salmon!

What a great catch!

Freerk with his second salmon: 2.4 kg on the 16th. of August.

3.6 kg on the 17th. of August. Pressure is off for Jan, who started to get a little nervous when Freerk was the only one with catch.

The fishermen didn't have a freezer, so they used Åse's. But she was not at home when Jan came to deliver his laks. This met her when she came home from fishing on the 17th:

A 3,6 kilo salmon hanging on the door. :)

And finally: the fishing champion from year 2000.

"Eppe fishing and celibrating his birthday on the 17th. 12 years ago he caught his
7.0 kg salmon also on his birthday and till today this record is not broken
by one of us. Freerk was most nearby in twelve years with the 5.8 kg salmon"

Thank you for you great catch rapport, and we look very much forward to see you again next year!

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